A Sibling Assists


“Just had to share this sweet photo our midwife, Mandy Toavs, took of Fern and me (and baby #2!) during our visit the other day. Fern has been so curious and attentive, and clearly is already an expert with the fetoscope.”

The first time I met Fern, she was timid and shy and we became fast friends. The first time she saw me put the blood pressure cuff on her mama, she teared up with worry over what I was doing. We talked her through it and invited her to touch the cuff, squeeze the bulb and play with the stethoscope. She was unsure but seemed to enjoy the explanation process at least. The next visit, Fern was ready to participate. She wanted to use the stethoscope on her own and made sure I measured her belly too. By the third visit, she wanted me to take her blood pressure! We even weighed her baby dolls in my sling scale so it wouldn’t be a new piece of equipment in the room when the time comes to weigh her new baby sister or brother. As her mom states above, Fern has already become an expert with the fetoscope.

This sort of interaction is a regular one in my office. I love to include siblings and family members in the pregnancy and birth process. It is just so much fun!

I’m looking forward to observing Fern as she transitions to big sister and as she welcomes her sibling into the world. I just had to share this sweet photo.

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  1. Amelia says:

    <3 It sure feels good to see how much Fern loves your visits! Every time we mention you, she either lifts her shirt and points to her own belly, or runs and touches mine, and says your name!

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