Certified Midwife Mandy Toavs Teaching Midwifery Students in Austin, TX

As part of her dedication to the advancement of midwifery, Mandy is committed to the training of student midwives through supervised apprenticeship. The World Heath Organization recognizes midwives as an essential part of the healthcare system and encourages the training and development of many more midwives to meet the needs of birthing mothers and their babies. Through the generosity of clients who welcome her students into their care, Mandy is able to ensure that the tradition of midwifery continues to be passed on to generations to come.

When a student midwife reaches an advanced level of training and competency, she must provide a certain amount of primary care to clients in order to complete her training to become a certified professional midwife. When acting as primary midwife, the student provides all the normal prenatal, birth, newborn and postpartum care that a client needs, always under the direct supervision of the supervising midwife.  These are the midwifery students currently studying with Mandy through the Austin Midwife Collective.

Melek Speros - Birth Blissfully

Melek Speros is a student midwife living in south Austin with her husband and three rambunctious young boys. She moved to Austin in 2001 to attend the University of Texas where she completed both her undergraduate studies and law school before discovering her calling to serve birthing families. She completed her academic midwifery program in December 2015 and is currently working through the remainder of her clinical requirements as primary midwife under supervision.

Melek started attending births as a doula in 2012, and studying midwifery and apprenticeship in 2014. Having experienced both cesarean births and a peaceful home birth after two cesareans herself, Melek has a special passion for cesarean prevention as well as supporting mothers seeking VBACs (vaginal births after cesarean).

In her free time, Melek enjoys reading and spending time outside with her family.