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Build Your Village - How to Get Out and Meet Other Moms or Parents in North and South Austin

Creating a local support system can be very important to keeping your sanity as a new parent. Once you join the Heirloom Family you’ll always have a built in community! Whether its a meal train, holding your newborn so you can take a shower, or meeting up for coffee to get you out of the […]

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The Soundtrack of my Birth - My Natural Labor Playlist and How Music Helped Me Cope

How Music Helped Me Get Through Labor by former client, Lola Watson I’ve always loved music. How it can take you back to a special memory. The soundtrack to Runaway Bride takes me back to growing up when I would listen to my walkman and make up dances on my back porch. I still can’t […]

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More Turkey, Less Stress - A Holiday Wellness Guide by Mandy

Mandy’s Stress Management Strategies Stress during the holiday season is inevitable. Allowing stress to negatively impact your health is not. When you feel the stress taking hold, ask yourself these questions: Is this stress good? Is the situation causing stress something I want to work through and see the other side of? Is this bad […]

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