(c) 2103 Now Fly Away, www.nowflyaway.comParenting young children can be an isolating time. What with nap schedules and routines that revolve around the demanding needs of the babies. Making the informed decision to birth at home, have a family bed or use alternative health care choices can leave you feeling like the black sheep of the family and often like you’re unsupported. Add to that being the first of your friends embarking on the journey that is parenthood, being new to town or living far from family - all of a sudden these overwhelming feelings can make the world feel like a very lonely place.

These realities are the reasons behind my passion for facilitating community building through my practice members. It is with their mental health in mind that I’ve created opportunities for relationships to sprout and grow, like roots to ground you. When women have supportive friendships with like minded individuals who are in a similar place in life, there is potential to experience less depression and anxiety, longer breastfeeding relationships and increased satisfaction with major life changes, such as having a baby or adding a sibling to the family. It really does take a village to raise a child. You can find your village with Heirloom Midwifery.

The regular, ongoing events that are hosted by the Heirloom Family include:

Weekly Meetups

Autumn, Winter, Spring

Midwife Walk

Walks Around Lady Bird Lake


Summer Swimming for Babies and Toddlers

Swim Playdates at Big Stacy Pool

Monthly Activities

Baby Day @ Alamo Drafthouse, South Lamar

The Austin Home Birth Meetup

Coffee chat for meeting new moms.

Midwife Cafe


Clothing Swaps - Spring and Autumn


(c) 2103 Now Fly Away, www.nowflyaway.com

Client Reunion Potluck

Check out the events page to see the latest activities coming up! After you join the Heirloom Family you’ll also be added to an exclusive Facebook group where former and current clients share interesting articles and regularly correspond about local events.