Help Mercy in Action Midwives Respond to Needs of Pregnant Women Affected by Recent Philippines Typhoon

If you’ve been concerned about the recovery effort in the Philippines and unsure about reputable organizations to donate to, please consider giving to Mercy In Action.
Please see the information below that was sent out to students and graders/volunteers regarding Mercy In Actions plan to set up a temporary birthing tent in the area most devastated by the typhoon.  As Kristen mentions, this is a huge stretch for Mercy In Action as they had their own severe flooding and damage.  Vicki and her daughter in law Rose lost their homes to flooding and Vicki became seriously ill with a bacterial epidemic often correlated with areas of severe flooding.  Yet they are still determined to respond to others’ needs.  If you feel so inclined, the link to donate is below.
I’ve become close friends with Vicki and her family through my midwifery studies. I’ve hosted her family for midwifery seminars in Chicago and Austin and I currently serve as a grader for their student modules.
Much love!


Dear students,

In response to the devastation in the central Philippines due to the most recent typhoon, the Penwells and Mercy In Action staff believe that the Lord is asking us to go to the devastated areas in the central Philippines and set up a temporary birth center tent for the next few months. This is a difficult time for Mercy In Action as we are still recovering from the major damage and losses we suffered in the last typhoon, Vicki is still recovering from Leptospirosis etc, but we feel that God created us for such a time as this. All the news reports are saying that the pregnant women there need urgent care. And from the news stories, lots of premature babies are being born and no one even knows about Kangaroo care! Nor do they have the anti-shock garment there, and in one news story, the husband came back to his wife in labor and said “I think all the midwives are dead”. Recently the international community asked the private sector and NGOs to help. This is our area of expertise, the Mercy In Action midwives have what these women need! All the currently pregnant women in the disaster zone are at high risk for prematurity, post traumatic stress syndrome, and a variety of pregnancy complications due to the starvation they are now facing, and lack of clean drinking water. Vicki and Rose are currently re-arranging travel plans and trying to get back to the Philippines to travel to the affected areas as soon as possible.

Please, please donate whatever amount you are able (or at least purchase more modules!), and please share with any friends and family and ask for donations, we need funding for this as it is a massive undertaking in addition to our daily operating expenses (our birth center has been very busy lately, and these babies will keep coming even while some of our staff is away!). And please pray for us all as we embark on this journey, and mostly for those in the Philippines who are currently suffering, and the mamas and babies who need our help.

Thank you and may God bless you!


Kristen Benoit, LM, CPM
Director of Mercy In Action Distance Academics