What is included in the home birth package?

Midwife with Client in Prenatal Care AppointmentComprehensive Prenatal Care- routine prenatal visits, lab work, screening tests, STI tests, gynecological exams, perinatal education, fetal evaluation, nutritional evaluation and support, sibling preparation, ultrasound referral

Labor and Birth Care- presence of skilled, experienced CPM’s from onset of active labor through the first few hours postpartum using evidence based protocols, such as intermittent fetal monitoring. Water birth available!

Postpartum Care- newborn exam, Midwife Measuring Newborn Growthnewborn metabolic screening tests, postpartum visits day 1, 3, 7-14, and 6-8 weeks, lactation support and guidance, family planning

Newborn Care- routine care and observation of newborn from birth through six weeks, regular weight gain monitoring, breastfeeding support

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