Jude: The Poster-Boy for Infant Weight Gain and Breastfeeding

Midwives and lactation professionals agree that an average of an ounce per day is adequate infant weight gain for breast fed babies, totaling five to seven ounces per week. We expect any weight loss (a 5-7% loss is normal the first few days, occasionally up to 10%) to be recovered within two weeks, although often we see our breastfed home birth babes recover within the week. With this growth pattern, we expect the baby to be up approximately two and a half to three pounds over birth weight by the six or eight week post partum exam.

This babe in arms, Jude, born 10/11/12 (cool birthday, huh?), is the poster child for infant well-being and breastfeeding success. He is five pounds up from birth weight at seven weeks old, weighing in last week at 13 pounds 10 ounces!

We like to see a baby double the birth weight by the six month check in. By this rate, he’ll be plenty ahead of schedule. I’m looking forward to checking in again at that time!

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