Local Round Rock Man Shoots Rattle Snake Just Hours After Home Birth of First Son to Save Midwife and Mother in Law

Not long after arriving to the home of Christena and Bret, and not long after Christena began active labor, we realized labor was moving fast as she was feeling the urge to push already. I quickly called my assistant midwife June to come along. Christena’s mom, Selena went to turn the front yard light on to prepare for June’s arrival. In doing so, she noticed a small rattle snake curled up on the front porch. She called for Bret to come and “take care of it” but with Christena laboring so intensely, I suggested he stay at Christena’s side for the time being. Bret could deal with the snake later and June could use the back door. Later, the snake was gone.

Meanwhile, within the hour, we welcomed a bright eyed baby boy into the home! Welcome Cord Everett!

Three hours later, while I was bringing my bags and supplies out to the car through the back door, with Selena just behind me with a flashlight, I stopped short about two feet from a small snake in the path. I backed up and told Selena what I saw and asked “Is it a rattle snake?” Sure enough, it was. At this point, Bret and Christena were comfortably tucked into bed so she tried to stimulate it to move out of the path with a broom, however unsuccessful. Since nobody wants a rattle snake in their yard, she decided to wake Bret up to “take care of the snake” as she knew he’d like an opportunity to use his new hand gun. He came out in his shorts, t-shirt and cowboy boots and did take care of that snake. I’m not sure I have permission to post that picture! He much prefers the photo they took the following day, fully clothed and baby boy in hand.

Just another day in the life of a Texas home birth midwife, who occasionally remembers she’s “not in Kansas anymore.”

Photo and story posted with permission. 

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