Mandy Toavs Certified Professional Midwife

Providing quality prenatal care and home birth services to the Greater Austin Texas Area.

April 17-18

Mandy is leading this certification class through Mercy in Action. Any who are planning to assist at births out of hospital will benefit from this workshop.

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Mandy is certified in Bodywork for the Childbearing Year and is a Licensed Midwife providing home birth services.

Now Serving the Far South Greater Austin Area

Mandy Toavs is now offering home birth services to the farther South areas of Greater Austin including Kyle, Buda and San Marcos. Her new Far South office will be located in the Bene Vida Wellness Center. Contact her for more information on this exciting expansion.

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Mandy Toavs is a certified professional midwife giving support to women during their childbearing years in the Austin area. Her services include prenatal care, home birth delivery, postpartum support, and newborn care. She is also trained in prenatal massage, which can be a great pain reliever before baby comes, during labor and helps speed recovery after the birth. There is a wealth of information on her site about home birth and midwifery. If you have questions about natural birth and how midwifery can provide for your prenatal needs, feel free to contact her today for a free consultation.