Rene’s Birth Story

My due date was October 3rd, everyone said second babies come earlier so when Genevieve said she would be leaving town October 10th I didn’t think it would be a problem. October 10th came and went, still pregnant. Sunday October 12th I wasn’t feeling so hot, I checked my blood pressure and it was abnormally high Mandy, Genevieve’s back up came out and checked up on me, everything looked good except my blood pressure which was right on the cusp of having a safe home birth and having to go to the hospital to be regulated. Mandy stayed very calm and together, concerned but still talking things through in a calm practical way.  Since I was forty-one weeks we decided the best thing to do was to try and get the baby to come.

My orders, eat protein go to bed, get up at six take two ounces of castor oil go back to bed, wake up at eight take two more shower and start breast pumping to stimulate contractions.

The next morning came and I did as was told although I didn’t rest I lay on the couch trying not to throw up. Ben took Shea into Austin to be with Mimi and tie up loose ends at work.

When he returned I was watching movies and pumping discouraged I had felt no contractions and but miserable all morning from castor oil

Mandy texted and told me to take a break from pumping and if no labor started by six to give up all efforts for the day

We went to check my blood pressure again, still high.

We came home and laid on the bed discussing the possibilities of hospital birth. I started pumping again; at the end of that session (about 3:30) I had a faint contraction I was so desperate I started talking to them “come on that’s it, let’s have another, yeah that was good now a stronger one…” I was coaxing them and it was working!

Mandy was texting saying she would like us to get a second opinion and go see a Dr this afternoon or tomorrow and have a bag packed for the hospital

Ben texted her back about 3:40 saying I was having some contractions. We timed them, every 2 to 5 minutes only 30 seconds long. Ben called Mandy at 3:53 she said she would come by even though I wasn’t doing much cause of my blood pressure and history of shorter labors.

Meanwhile my contractions kept progressing low in the abdomen then all the way up the belly then stretching around my back, then consuming my whole consciousness

In between I was telling Ben what to pack for the hospital.

Seems like I had one or two contractions the same way before they would intensify again. I thought I felt a baby move down but didn’t want to say anything cause I wasn’t sure, didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Then I felt I had to move I got slightly anxious I wasn’t handling this labor as well, there seemed to be a bit more pressure and pain.

I asked Ben to start a shower, he took to long doing it in my mind, He came back and started to get on the bed in the middle of a contraction I held my hand up for him to stop. The contraction over I told him to put pressure on my lower back “no lower, lower, no you had it back up a bit” I was not this talkative or direct in my last labor.

Then I couldn’t stay still the contraction made me move, flip over on all fours for a contraction, then flip back over; another contraction and my water broke. Then a knock at the door Ben grabbed our dog by the collar and opened the door, taking the dog to the back yard he had just enough time to tell Mandy she might wanna hurry, he said she looked puzzled. She stepped in the door to see me in the bedroom starting another push and making a loud OOOOOOOOOH noise and she exclaimed “oh honey, are you pushing?” she ran to the bathroom washed her hands and her and Ben both rushed back to me in time for another push ant to catch Rene’s head. I looked down and saw it I think I was upright on my knees. Another push and out he came I lay back and my baby boy was laying there on my belly already looking at me with his perfect blue eyes. I was so distracted gazing at him and him at me. In another couple moments I remembered there was more to do. Slowly I felt a placenta move down and in a bit slid out.

He just lay there on me, began nursing right away, covered in blankets but naked against my skin, holding onto his papa’s finger. Papa shed a tear. We just gazed at him for hours it was so peaceful and beautiful. He was born at 4:58 barely an hour after my very first contractions started and Ben called Mandy. It was the most beautiful peaceful day for Ben and I. That evening as Mandy and Sasha (who got their about 20 min after the birth and had been thinking all along she would be showing up for a check up and then going to get dinner with Mandy) cleaned and charted numbers and made sitz bath tea everything remained perfectly calm and Ben and I were able to relax and eat even after they left we stayed up on this glorious high like little kids to excited to go to sleep and chattering about the days events and our perfect little boy.

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