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The Birth of Jimmie Pepper - “She looked right at us and cried a little.”

After making the decision to have a home birth, came the task of finding a midwife. We were overwhelmed by how many midwives there were to choose from in Austin.  So many well qualified ladies to chose from.  My amazing friend and doula, Tanya Phillips, gave me a list of midwives she enjoyed working with […]

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Why I Didn’t Push My Baby Out (And You Shouldn’t, Either)

This is a guest post by one of the Heirloom Family, Jessie Edwards. Enjoy! Yes, I had a vaginal birth. No, I didn’t push my baby out. I wanted to. I had every intention to. I just… didn’t end up doing it this time. First let’s talk about how the birth of baby number one […]

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