What I Love About Midwifery Care- “Extra emotional support and comfort during labor”

Midwifery care is woman centered and as each woman is unique, what she loves most about her experience is different. I asked my clients to write something about what they found most rewarding during their care and I’m pleased to share the results with you in this series of guest blog posts. Here is the first entry from Christena Cox:

My experience with midwifery care has been amazing! A midwife not only is an expert professional of your prenatal care and delivery, she is an educator, an encourager, a listening ear, and a friend. The priceless relationship built with your midwife during pregnancy gives you so much extra emotional support and comfort during labor. Midwifery care is definitely worth any sacrifices or costs it might take to get!
After attending the home birth of my son, my mother could not get over how well we were taken care of by the midwives. She now advocates for midwifery care whenever she can!
I love what a good friend of mine says about choosing a midwife,
“Whomever you choose, you will love her your whole life and she will always have a special place in your heart.” So true!


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