What I Love About Midwifery Care - “She is a wellness expert”

This blog submitted by a client covered so many aspects of what makes the relationship between midwife and family important I’ll just let her speak for herself:

I transferred my care to Mandy when I was 24 weeks pregnant from a Medicaid covered clinic. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful that the state offered to foot the bill, but I knew I didn’t want to do it their way. I am so glad I transferred, and here are just a few of the reasons why.

Comfort- I wanted to give birth at home, surrounded by only the things and people I wanted there. Mandy brought a water tub, which was awesome. We had control over everything- music, lighting, etc.

Home Visits- I didn’t have to step foot out of my house until 2 weeks after my son was born, Mandy came over every couple days until then. Doctors visit 2 days after giving birth? No thank you!

Focus on Holistic Medicines- Not only is a midwife a medical professional in the traditional sense, but she is a wellness expert. Diet, herbs, oils, supplements, massage- she offers a diverse knowledge of natural medicines and remedies.

Accessibility- I most definitely couldn’t text the OB from the clinic anytime with random non-emergency questions.

Honesty and Trust- I never had to worry about being judged by Mandy for a decision I made or a question I had, and was always completely honest with her. For example, I asked the OB about placenta consumption, and she looked at me like I had two heads and said, “Please don’t do that.” When I asked Mandy, she said, “Sure!” and guided me through the different ways to do it and how she could help. Of course, she was also honest with me, and I always knew she had my baby’s best interest and mine at heart. I never questioned her motives. The relationship with your midwife is a very intimate one, so honesty and trust are imperative.

Nutritional counseling- good nutrition is always so important, especially during pregnancy, and Mandy always had great recommendations for changes I could make to my diet or supplements I could try. Some of these small additions made a huge difference!

Focus on Mom- it seems like most traditional OBs are not nearly as concerned about the well being of the momma as with the baby. It’s a huge and life changing journey for a woman to go through pregnancy and birth, and should be celebrated as such. With Mandy, I never felt neglected, physically or emotionally. This is also the reason two midwives attend the birth. I was so grateful to have someone to make me a snack and get a hot pad for my cramps immediately after the birth, so Mandy could focus on the baby.

No Scales- I know this sounds really silly, but I just realized how true it is yesterday. I hadn’t weighed myself since I transferred my care, we didn’t gauge weight gain by numbers, but by a healthy well rounded diet. At 6 weeks after the birth, I returned to the clinic to discuss birth control options (once again, thank you to the state for that), and it was the first time I stepped back on a scale. While I haven’t exactly been thrilled with what I see in the mirror for the last 6 weeks, seeing the actual numbers really brought me down. Thank you, Mandy, for sparing me that as long as you could.

Inclusion of Partners- the clinic OB also definitely didn’t ask about or show any interest in the baby’s father. And likewise, he didn’t really care about the OB, and rarely came to appointments with me. That changed drastically when we transferred. Becoming a father isn’t easy either, and I believe they should be, and usually want to be, included in the process. My partner comments often about how glad he is we had a home birth, how much he loved the childbirth class we took, etc.

Emotional support- a midwife counsels about many aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and post partum issues, not just the physical. The whole event is an emotional roller coaster, to say the least, I was grateful to have Mandy to help me through.

Community- I have met so many amazing women so far through Mandy, and am continuing to meet people and make new friends. This is important for me, because I don’t talk to most of my friends from pre-pregnancy. It’s nice to feel supported, and the women the midwifery community attracts are especially awesome.


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