What I Love About Midwifery Care- “Comfortable atmosphere” & “Professional care”

A first time mom, Jen had great comments to share about the unique bond that grows between caregiver and family as a part of midwifery care. Flexibility in scheduling, fostering a comfortable environment, and the confidence they can inspire in both mom, dad and family about the natural birthing process were just a few of the high points. Here are her thoughts:

What do I love about midwifery care? Everything!

From the first phone call with our prospective midwife, I felt like I was just talking with a new friend.  Throughout my pregnancy, she truly was a thoughtful, caring friend who also happened to be a birth expert.  The great care she provided and the comfortable atmosphere she fostered for us in our appointments and at birth really sets midwifery care apart.

Each appointment was a joy - we really looked forward to them!  Mandy was able to set our appointments in the evening, so my husband and I wouldn’t have to miss work.  When we arrived we were greeted with hugs - and it really felt more like we were visiting a friend after dinner. She really listened to our ideas and concerns and was genuinely interested in our lives.  All the while asking thorough questions and caring for my body and for our son.

I had some back pain toward the end of the pregnancy, so naturally Mandy gave me an hour massage and directed me to an amazing chiropractor.  As my pregnancy continued from 40 wks to 41 wks and beyond, she gave me confidence, while expertly caring for us.  When I felt anxious, she was always just a phone call away with resources and encouragement!

I felt really confident and at ease when labor came.  It felt like it was just my husband and me with our dear friend.  Never once did I feel like I needed to defend myself or fight for a certain birth plan, because we trusted our midwife and she trusted us, too.  I didn’t have a bunch of strangers around me, and it really felt so intimate.  She had such a peaceful presence and made us feel so calm.  She cared for us through each contraction and each rest period until we were happily resting in bed with our little guy.  She even cooked us eggs at 3 am.

Our families were originally very wary of home birth, but Mandy’s professional care really changed their perspective.  She is a loved and respected woman in our family!  I hope many families get to experience the loving care of a midwife in pregnancy and beyond!

Love and Blessings,


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