A Proper Diet for Pregnancy

By | January 1, 2021

A diet for pregnant women is not exactly the same diet that a normal person would choose.

After all, you have to gain some pounds during pregnancy, quite the opposite goal to all the diets out there. You need to know the right approach to your diet in this period of time, so that the child will be born healthy and strong

Why should you gain weight during pregnancy?

Because if you eat just as much as you usually do, then you will have vascular spasms. To eat less then you do normally is to cause damage to your child. These spasms will cause you to have headaches and you will feel weak overall. Your child will suffer from a lack of oxygen and nutrition. Calories should be consumed evenly. That is, there should be 4-5 mandatory meals throughout the day. So the energy source be constant, this way all the useful substances are properly digested, toxicosis disappears from your life.

Where can I get all of these necessary calories?

From foods rich in calcium, iron, and especially proteins. The latter is especially important. Here are some products for a proper diet during pregnancy. (kcal / 100 g)

  • Meat 108-310
  • Fish – 75-180
  • Eggs – 120-159
  • Cheese – 260-396
  • Milk – 60-68
  • Yogurt – 30-60
  • Cottage cheese – 80 (fat-free), 226 (fat)
  • Bread – 80-150
  • Butter – 748
  • Vegetable oil – 900
  • Dried fruits – 234-649
  • Vegetables, greens – 12-25 (green peas – 75)
  • Fruits – 25-50 (80 for grapes, 90 for bananas, 100 for avocados)

These products will provide a woman and her child with everything they need. Just be sure to keep us a steady norm of 2500 kcal per day.

Necessary products during the diet:

Wheat products should be excluded from the diet and be replaced with products from rye and corn flour. You should eat lots of cottage cheese (around 100 grams per day), fish and seafood rich in phosphorus. You should also virtually eliminate pork and beef from your diet, we recommend to eat liver and heart instead of them. Sugar should be replaced with honey. Do not forget to eat raw vegetables (two or three kinds of them) and one egg every single day. Citrus fruits: oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, their juices should be replaced with apples, cranberries, grapes. Juices of the latter products are also very rich in essential elements for the development of a child.

Honey is a universal product, as well as an excellent addition to the diet. There are many advantages to eating honey over sugar, the consumption process is easier and it is the source of the most essential elements for the formation of blood cells. It helps to prevent constipation, has a laxative effect, restores the vitality of the body. Two or three tablespoons of honey before a meal will be of great effect on both mother and her child. You should always have fresh fruits in your fridge. When it is impossible to eat fresh fruits, berries are an excellent source of acids that your body needs during this period.

Rules of success

Do not starve yourself! Prepare delicious meals and use healthy products. While you should not really limit yourself in what you eat, keep in mind how important this period is for your child, these 9 months and your choices will affect his entire life to come.

By the way, the calorie content of chocolate is 531-580 kcal per 100 grams. While it wasn’t really proven to be the case, there is a lot of speculation in the scientific community that consuming chocolate during pregnancy will make up for a happy baby.