How to Date a Ukrainian Woman with Kids

By | December 6, 2021

Dating women with kids can be difficult. Rumor has it mothers are actually pretty hard to approach. Besides that, most men understand who will be the number one priority here. Some gentlemen are sure that mommies cause a lot of trepidation, mostly financial. That is why elder men choose Ukrainian women. This nation knows how to parent and to date.

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So What You Need To Know About Ukrainian Women With Kids?

Dating Ukrainian women with kids is a pretty nice process. While a lot of women after divorce and time of raising a child as a single mother can be quite stressed out and hysterical, Ukrainians are not used to take life as a joke, they are actually quite successful in single parenting.

Do you want to know why? See, Ukrainian nation is quite strong. While American mothers, for instance, run to see a therapist and spoil child’s life with terrible stories about dad, Slavic people go to specialists really rarely…that is just not their style to sit down in a puddle and project duties onto another man. As incredibly strong women, Ukrainian moms possess such traits of character as loving to work and never-ending positivity. That way dating women with kids can be a new chance in life.

Dating women with kids problems

The only problem that may arise is that Ukrainian mothers most definitely put their child in the first position. They don’t behave like Western mothers who have fun all night long when the child is left with a babysitter because mommy needs to arrange her love life. This is what you really need to keep in mind.

You need to be a good friend for her child specifically

Prepare to commit to a certain extent, because no one is going to invite you over unless the woman is really sure that you are to be trusted. See, a Ukrainian woman is like a lioness – she is as proud as beautiful! Don’t expect to roll into her flat and pet her child gently on the head. If she is a normal mom, you are not chilling in her house and then disappearing with a note left on the table. It is rather hard for kids, especially grown-up, to get to know new people who happen to be parent’s new passion. She won’t take the risk of bringing you home and then explaining one more time why the mister left. If you are searching for serious relationships, get prepared that your affairs are everyone’s in the family affairs.

All Ukrainians are kids of their parents no matter how old they are. So sure thing her mother will take you seriously after daughter’s previous breakup or divorce.

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Where To Find Ukrainian Women With Kids: Offline & Online

The easiest way to approach a Ukrainian woman is to go online. Nowadays there are plenty of beautiful well-developed dating sites and services that do specifically one job of joining lonely hearts together. On most Ukrainian and Russian dating sites, the remark about family status is always present.

Most definitely you will understand it by her profile information, or you can ask directly if a woman you speak to has a child. You can also approach Ukrainian women with kids on various forums and family communities where most of the problems about children are discussed. It would be cute since a lot of them [women] also have profile pictures, so you can ask for coordinates from there and she will understand that you love kids as well since both of you attend such themed threads. Popular sites like Vkontakte and Telegram, as well as Facebook and Tinder, are perfect for seeking Ukrainian women online.

But what about meeting offline? Well, if you happen to visit Ukraine, there are actually plenty of options where you can find a pretty wife with a wide-eyed cute baby. Usually, single mommies appear in every kind of amusement parks, they like walking with kids (mind you that Ukrainians don’t use cars as often), so these women will be easier to spot.

I don’t recommend you to deliberately wait not far from the nearest kindergarten, it immediately sends a wrong message. Better search for a single lady, and then find out if she has a child.

Single Ukrainian women usually go to work, they prefer spending time with fellows, sitting in the cafes, dancing in clubs once in a year – nothing too crazy. A lot of girls take their personal well-being serious, so you might as well see them in fitness classes or beauty salon. If you meet a single woman, sometimes it’s hard to tell if she has kids or not, but sometimes she can be pretty busy as all of the obligations are on her fragile shoulders for now.

Dating A Ukrainian Woman With Kids: Important Tips And Rules

Rule number 1. Men who date women with kids should formulate their plans on life pretty clearly.

If you do not intend to engage in anything long-lasting and binding, but just looking for entertainment – so say it directly before anything gets too serious. And do not pretend to be a thoroughbred prince on a white horse just to see the girl’s legs. An ordinary, not burdened by the offspring woman should not be misled about the seriousness of your intentions. You shouldn’t play those games with a mother of a child-especially with her! If not for the sake of the girl (which, in fact, would be noble and masculine), so at least from male solidarity – i.e. For the sake of your brothers in gender whom she will meet after you. Her faith in men had already been seriously tested. Ukrainian women with kids are one strong unity, so don’t spoil your karma here!

Rule number 2. Appreciate her time.

Ukrainian woman with a child is a human being under strict schedule. So, every day of this lady is taken minute by minute. And, take my word for it, she needs to try hard to find time for a date, and before the meeting she needs time to drop by the beautician or at least comb her hair pretty nicely. Appreciate her time and effort! If you agreed to meet on Wednesday at 6 p.m. – die or do whatever you can but be in time! If she told you to pick her at 9 o’clock – be sure to call the Uber without any propositions to stay for the night. If ordinary women value spontaneity and impetuosity in the gentlemen, the woman with the children loves the elementary punctuality and obligation.

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Rule 3. Don’t insist on meeting a child.

It’s about a situation when you do not want to meet a kid face-to-face. It’s like a rule – if you systematically hang around together, it would be nice to see a child. Women usually prefer men who stay aside than those who do it out of politeness or obligation. Until the child does not know about your existence (and a rare mother will report to a small child that she went on a date with Mister Brown, who seems to be nothing but snoring and using wrong grammar), they do not ask questions. And divorced girls will not lie: it’s not so terrible like the absence of a man in the house, more like questions where he disappeared and when they are going to the zoo with the whole family.

Rule 4. Do not teach her how to be a mother.

It’s not your business with whom she left the child to go with you this night. She doesn’t need to know that there are better places than Turkey to bring her son, climate-wise. And believe me, she will do well without your conclusions about the benefits of vaccinations and the danger of sleeping together (unless, of course, you are not a professional pediatrician – and that’s not the fact that you will not be asked to shut up). Whatever good intentions you may be guided by, all that is said will be perceived with anger (because it will surely go against her own opinion).

“Momming” and everything related to being a good parent is her territory. Plus, she probably will immediately remember such conversations with her ex-husband (who also strengthened the couple’s desire to get a divorce) that your relationship will not benefit either.

Rule 5. Don’t interfere with her relationships with an ex.

According to the old female tradition, it is common for ex-husbands to experience a whole complex of extremely contradictory emotions. This is also bitterness (a rare partying goes without it), and a sentimental “We are not strangers”, and resentment for the child. Add also lawsuits, a shared territory and ex-friends and you will get a Sherlock level story. It does not matter what you say, after listening to a heart-rending story (“Well, your ex-was a freak” or “Any normal man would have acted the same way”), I swear – it will then play against you. Therefore, it is more reasonable to immediately rehearse the neutral-benevolent facial expression, learn to nod and masterfully change the topic.

The less often the ghost of the ex-husband visits your dates – the easier and more enjoyable your relationship will be.