How to Emotionally Prepare Yourself for Childbirth

By | January 1, 2021

The feeling of anxiety and fear during pregnancy, especially in its later periods, is quite common. This is an absolutely normal phenomenon, characteristic of many pregnant women, and especially for those who go through this for the first time. Despite its naturalness, childbirth is a rather complicated and responsible process. In order for it to be as safe as possible for mother and child, every woman needs to know how to prepare for childbirth.

How can you get psychologically prepared for childbirth?

As a rule, the first pregnancy is especially difficult for a woman. Preparing to become a mother for the first time, a woman faces psychological discomfort. Here are just a few of its manifestations:

  • Emotional instability. It is primarily due to the frequent changes in hormonal levels.
  • You change as a person. Pregnancy is a series of global physical changes, but they are more obvious and understandable than the deep psychological processes that are associated with the upcoming responsibility of motherhood.
  • Fear and uncertainty. Often, in the run-up to childbirth, women face many different fears and phobias: some fear pain during childbirth that they cannot cope with, and then the situation will get out of control, fear the incompetence of doctors, lack of awareness about the nuances of child care in the first days, etc.

Sometimes anxiety can be justified, yet such cases are rare. In order to maintain a psychological balance, it is necessary to soberly assess the situation and highlight real reasons for anxiety from the general mass of anxieties. To do this, you should prepare in advance for the coming changes.

What can help you to cope with psychological problems during pregnancy?

Communication in groups. Courses in preparation for childbirth are not only an excellent occasion to spend time with both benefit and pleasure, to receive a lot of necessary information, but it is also a sure way to dispel many myths about pregnancy and childbirth, which unduly lead you to an anxious state. Depending on how the pregnancy proceeds (with or without complications), as well as your individual views, you can choose courses with a specific focus: for example, on natural birth without anesthesia, giving birth at home, water birth, etc. Regardless of a specialization of a particular course, it is better when it is designed for a paired visit and not only covers all the major aspects of pregnancy, physiology and psychology of childbirth, but also provides knowledge and practical skills in caring for newborns. It is important that, in addition to the theoretical part, the course includes practical exercises, video tutorials and physical training.

Reading literature. Self-education is also a great way to get information and practical knowledge. Today you can find many useful books and articles on issues of pregnancy and psychological preparation for childbirth, both in print and on the Internet — all you need to do is identify the topic that interests you.

Auto training and visualization. The birth of a healthy baby will be a big goal in your life and you have to work for it. Today, many psychological techniques are aimed at concentrating or, on the contrary, at relaxing and relieving stress. If it is difficult to figure out on your own which of them will be most effective at a certain moment, try to consult with a specialist about that.